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We just landed in Auckland, for a new van adventure. Unfortunately, due to her height and the shipping costs, we were unable take Bluestar with us… read more

We took the boarder crossing into Montenegro from the south of Shkodra, Albania. It was a very short queue and we just needed to purchase an insurance doc which was 15euro. Montenegro was stunning. Lush green mountains so colorful with flowers everywhere. read more

From Sparta we drove to a beautiful salt water lake in Limni Vouliagmenis, north of Korinthos. The lake had a small four meter opening from the sea and a nice beach dotted with trees. The water was beautifully still and we could watch the crabs and fish… read more

We visited the extensive ruins of Mystras a World Heritage listed site near Sparta. It was an old Byzantine fortress town with the ruins of churches, libraries, strongholds. Quite a hike to the… read more

Our next drive took us down the very rugged peninsular of Mani. This area in history is know for its internal feuds and darted about the mountainside you can see houses of a fort like structure and castles. We spent a couple of… read more

From Patra we headed down the west coast of the Peloponnese. Around half way down the coast we found an excellent family run campsite next to the beach with a very friendly vibe. Before we even parked the van we had made some friends spotting their T3... read more

We headed south into Italy’s heel awaiting our departure from Brindisi to Greece that was due in three days. About an hours drive south of Brindisi, past Lecce, we found many excellent free camping options right by the beach... read more

From the lake we headed for the east coast. Our drive took us though The Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini, a beautiful, mountainous national park. The central east coast however was very built up and we found ourselves back in heavy traffic... read more

Volterra, a hilltop town in Tuscany, was our next stop and we stayed in a campsite just outside the towns walls. After roughing it free camping for the previous week we stayed here for 4 nights having a chance to chill out by the campsite pool... read more

We were passing Dijon on the way south and decided to drive in, have a looksy and score a pot of that famous mustard everyone knows it for. Free parking wasn’t much of a problem and we soon landed in a posh mustard shop, tasting all the fancy... read more

On route to France we drove through Luxembourg and decided at the last minute to check it out. We knew very little about the place other than the name oozing luxury and glamor. The city was really worth the visit for it’s beautiful natural landscape and p read more

Following OHM we dropped Zygis off in Eindhoven and looked for somewhere to stay for one night before heading down to France. We didn’t book or plan anything we just set the sat nav to locate nearby camp sites and landed ourselves in an organic goat farm read more

On Sunday we left with Tom and Sophie and headed for OHM 2013 (Observe, Hack, Make, a sort of geeky festival) just north of Amsterdam. We arrived early and stayed for a week with a group of good friends who also arrived from the UK... read more

We left London early morning to catch a ferry from Dover to Dunkirk from where we drove to Deventer in Holland. We spent the first evening with Tom, Sophie, Laura and Sabin hanging out in Laura’s lovely back garden with their charismatic pets. read more

After months of getting the van ready for a trip around Europe we were finally off. Big thanks to the East Dulwich Campers crew for helping us along the way in getting her ready for the trip. read more