The classy 80s furniture in our camper had some major problems with it’s vinyl finish. After 23 years of heat, freeze, moisture and dryness it was deformed and did not look great.
bad vinyl

I really didn’t fancy spending the time and effort needed to properly strip it all down and re-coat or paint so I took some chances and splashed out 8 quid on ebay getting one of this bad boys:

Heat Gun

didn’t expect much of it other than maybe a potential electrocution but to my surprise it works great. I started by removing the handles and gently heating the vinyl with the gun (you need to be careful – too much and it will boil and bubble up) until I could grab it with tweezers and re-shape. The heat will also activate the glue underneath so it’s handy to have something flat at hand (like a plastic squeegee) to smooth out the vinyl and make it stick. With a bit of time and patience you can get a pretty good finish.


Not bad eh?