Our van didn’t have door pockets and I was really used to them in our previous vessel so decided to go ahead and fit a pair. I got mine from justkampers.com but you can probably get some cheaper on ebay (they’re not VW original or anything). Just make sure they fit. Here’s the finished product on the driver side (it’s a LHD van):

driver side pocket

On the passenger side make sure to leave enough space so you can still open the glove box! I didn’t…

badly installed passenger side pocket in the way of the glove box

So I had to move it back a bit:

That's better...

As a result each door pocket is in a slightly different place but you can’t really see it.

Now, if you want your door pockets to be nice and strong you’ll need to work out where the metal door ‘frame’ is and position the pockets so that they are attached to the frame not just the door cards (which are very weak). This involves drilling few holes in the door structure. Alternatively, you could reinforce the door card with some metal washers and fit the pockets this way, although it won’t be as strong as attaching directly to the door.

While I was taking the door cards out to see what lurks underneath I took some pictures so here is a little visual guide to removing them in case someone has trouble finding all the hidden screws:

un-clip the plastic cover under the handle
remove the screw and the handle cover will come out
remove both screws on top and bottom of the handle.
unclip the winder handle cover and remove the screw hiding underneath

Now you should be able to just un-clip the card (wedge a flat screwdriver in between to door and the card and lift gently), unplug the speaker if you have one and the door card will come out.

While I had it all out I took the opportunity for some rust prevention and sprayed the door cavities with a lot of Waxoyl. At the bottom of the door cavity you’ll find a few water drain holes – check that those aren’t blocked, otherwise you’ll have water stuck in there and your door will rust from the inside.

Make sure that the plastic door membrane is attached properly before fitting the cards back (use gaffer tape if needed). It’s the only barrier stopping moisture from damaging the door cards and getting inside.