List of technical posts that may be useful to other T3/T25/Vanagon/Camper owners when working on their vans.

Mocal Oil Cooler

A nice upgrade to a diesel T3. Generally underpowered, those little engines get to work very hard in a van. An oil cooler won't make it go any faster but it will keep things a bit more sane when booting it up that mountain in third gear! ... read more

Gaslow – running your gas appliances on LPG autogas

Convinient alternative to campingaz and calor bottles. read more

PV solar panel installation

Keeping your leisure battery nicely topped up . read more

Fixing leaky skylight, fitting new ceiling panels and insulation

Our van had a bunch of problems with it’s ceiling. Leaky skylight has made a mess of the panels, cracked light was ‘fixed’ by someone with a bit of white tape and Fiamma roller blinds were all efed up... read more

Removing door cards and fitting door pockets

Our van didn’t have door pockets and I was really used to them in our previous vessel so decided to go ahead and fit a pair… read more

Tigerseal review

If tigers were into spoilers and body kits this is, without a doubt, the adhesive they’d choose… read more

Maintenance manual for VW T3 Turbo Diesel

Unfortunately, there isn’t a single book that covers all aspects of the Turbo Diesel T3 so we ended up getting two... read more

Fixing vinyl furniture with a heat gun

The classy 80s furniture in our camper had some major problems with it’s vinyl finish… read more