A very sociable campsite

From Patra we headed down the west coast of the Peloponnese. Around half way down the coast we found an excellent family run campsite next to the beach with a very friendly vibe. Before we even parked the van we had made some friends spotting their T3 parked up with a GB numberplate. Having planned to only spend a couple of nights we ended up staying for six. The British friends we meet were Jude, Di and Bill, primary school teachers who had been coming to Greece for years, spending most of the summer here. Lots of tea and ouzo was drunk and luckily for us, lots of campervan tips shared.

The beach was a lovely, long, sandy strip with a scattering of colourful stones.

Along the beach, sea turtles had laid their eggs, and if you were up early enough, you could spot the newly hatched making their dash for the sea.

Sadly, though probably not surprisingly, we never made it up quite early enough. We did however, spot a lost tortoise wandering around the campsite while having our coffee one morning.

Our time was mainly divided between the beach, the beach bar and hanging around the campsite chatting to people. We picked up some really valuable information from other campers over coffee or a beer. I made it out to the local market one day and one night a few of us went for a tasty meal at the local taverna. Afterwards Bill and Richard, a German guy, entertained us with card magic and we even got to learn a trick or two. Life was good at this site. I am sure we will return again and probably for years to come.

It also turned out that Bill is a musician and has put a few of his songs on youtube under the alias of “Campervan Messiah”. I was well impressed.

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