Dijon And The Cote-d'Or

We were passing Dijon on the way south and decided to drive in, have a looksy and score a pot of that famous mustard everyone knows it for. Free parking wasn't much of a problem and we soon landed in a posh mustard shop, tasting all the fancy flavors (such as cognac and raspberry…) with little bread sticks. Great place to have a taste, but being the cheap skates that we are and with the prices of over 5 euro a pot we gave it a miss. Eventually we scored a jar for 2.50 from a street dealer further up town. We settled on the gently refined taste of ‘Moutarde Vin blanc’ which, as the name suggests, is enhanced with white wine. Way more expensive than the Lidl stuff we’re used to but combined with a fresh baguette, some ham and a nearby park it does make for one sophisticated picnic.

Half a jar of mustard later we resumed our wonders around town, enjoying the nice architecture and spotting gargoyles on the city’s buildings.

Dijon isn't a very big place. It’s pretty and all, but outside of the few main streets most establishments were shut closed as we found so common in France in general. It’s beautiful, but I can never workout when the butcher opens. Perhaps the time is wrong and they've all gone for holiday on the south coast. I don’t know.

From Dijon we headed further south on small, local roads following a wine trail all the way to Beaune. It’s all about picturesque villages, vineyards and wine tasting.

And yeah, there were some sweet wine deals to be made. I picked up a bottle of Bordeaux for 1.75 at local Lidl. Completely the wrong region to where we were, but at this price it’s hard to argue…

We found a random campsite for the night. Enjoyed the cheap wine and polished the remainders of rum Gordon left us after Ohm (thanks dude!).

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