Montenegro and Croatia

We took the border crossing into Montenegro from the south of Shkodra, Albania. It was a very short queue and we just needed to purchase an insurance doc which was 15 euros. Montenegro was stunning. Lush green mountains so colorful with flowers everywhere.

The coast as in Albania and Croatia had very alluring clear blue sea . Unfortunately though, the weather was turning and we stayed only one night as it absolutely chucked it down the night we arrived and didn’t look like it was going to stop the following day. We managed a night out just before the rain in the quite happening Budva and stayed in a small urban campsite. The old town was very charming and after a few beers we managed to crash a works party, had a good time dancing, until we were busted by the staff. For crashing that is…

Our drive out of Montenegro took a short cut on this little chain ferry near Kotor and soon after we crossed the boarder into Croatia.

The coastal road from Montenegro bizarrely enters Croatia, then Bosnia and Herzegovina (for all of five minutes) and then your back into Croatia. The boarders crossings here were very non fuss and quick to pass through with them barely checking our passports.

We stopped in Dubrovnik for the night in an absurdly expensive campsite. We had little choice however as it was the one closest to the town. We then went night time exploring in the town which was made mostly of marble, stunning. In the newly developing theme however, it chucked it down again.. I hadn’t seen rain like that since the monsoon season in Thailand! It didn’t last all night though and by around ten had stopped and we watched a free concert by ‘Brian Ferry’ of Roxy Music.