New Site

No more
Nismo Sale!

After five years of procrastination I finally got my act together and rebuilt this site. It only took a global pandemic to do it!

We're still alive and reasonably well and will be uploading content from more recent trips soon.

The old site was using the Koken CMS which has been abandoned by it's developers a long time ago and was in general a bit of a pain to manage, plagued by bugs and niggles. It meant keeping the site up to date was harder than it should have been and so it usually didn't happen. It needed a full rebuild to make it maintainable again.

The new site has been simplified a lot and is now generated using the Zola static site generator. It's written in Rust and has built in image processing capabilities which this site uses a lot. For CSS we use the Bulma framework. It saves a lot of faff writing CSS by hand, which isn't much fun. Picture galleries are displayed using nanogallery2.