OHM 2013

Goat Farm
We're off!
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On Sunday we left with Tom and Sophie and headed for OHM 2013 (Observe, Hack, Make, a sort of geeky festival) just north of Amsterdam. We arrived early and stayed for a week with a group of good friends who also arrived from the UK.

There was loads of talks to attend, installations to observe and workshops to get involved in. The festival is run by volunteers and not for profit so there was lots of opportunity to get involved. I helped out in games area know as ‘Rainbow Islands’ by setting up games consoles, building gazebos and generally moving stuff about and Andrew did a few shifts driving the shuttle bus.

It was a great weeks camping with everyone with Tom providing a nice light/laser and sound set up for our camp. Thank you all who were present for your splendid company: Tom, Sophie, Mike, Gordon, Ian, Loz, Ten Yen, Zygis and Bruce.

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