Rugged Mani

Shells, Grapes and Wine
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Our next drive took us down the very rugged peninsular of Mani. This area in history is know for its internal feuds and darted about the mountainside you can see houses of a fort like structure and castles.

We spent a couple of nights in Neo Itlo Bay by the stoney beach.

On walking along the coast we were joined by a lovely stray dog we called Eris. She didn’t leave our side for 24 hours.

After a very steep drive around Mani we were caught in a storm on the mountainside. We sat the storm out off the main road we headed off again up the east coast greeted by a beautiful rainbow. This was the first rain we saw in Greece. It was quite an epic storm.

The next stop took us out of Mani to Valtaki beach, near Gythio. where we camped just off the beach next to the Dimitrios shipwreck. You could walk right up to it and peer inside through its rusty shell.